Best Newborn Baby Care Tips For The Age Of 0–8 Months

  1. When you wean off breastfeeding, include absolutely all kinds of foods. Expose the very young baby to all tastes and flavors of all kinds of veggies, fruits, dals etc. (You will of course cook/prepare them as baby foods.) This way you will not have a fussy eater later on.

  2. Talk to the baby. Talk a lot. And not all of it is to be baby talk. Point out things with names. Give a light commentary of whatever you are doing at the time - for ex. if the baby is with you when you are putting stuff away or making your bed, give a running commentary. Babies learn good communication this way.

  3. Read to them. Limit tv time.

  4. Speak to them in the language or languages you want them to be fluent in later on for the very beginning.

  5. Once they start walking, don’t carry them too much. Let them walk and run and climb and fall as much as possible. They become strong and healthy.

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